Getting To The Bottom Of Pollo A La Brasa

Getting To The Bottom Of Pollo A La Brasa

The traditional Peruvian dish of Pollo a la Brasa is a fast favorite to many. A chicken dish with its very own holiday, Pollo a la Brasa is traditionally served alongside smooth creams and crispy fries, and may be found at many Peruvian takeout restaurants or poultry stores known in Peru as pollerias. Pollo a la Brasa has a storied history, despite only coming to be sometime in the 1950’s. 

Owner of the first poultry store in Lima, Roger Schuler, was in need of a special oven that would allow him to roast several chickens evenly and at once. To help with this endeavor, he enlisted the help of his friend Franz Ulrico who was an expert in metalworking to make this dream a reality. The machine was created and coined the rotombo, which in the coming years began to see additional improvements as these roasted chickens became more popular. 

How To Enjoy Traditional Pollo A La Brasa 

Traditionally, your Pollo a la Brasa will be accompanied by French fries, salad, rice, and a selection of favorite sauces. The dish may be served with or without cutlery, and is often enjoyed while taking a stroll along the streets of Lima, Peru. While the traditional sides may be salads and fries, the sky is the limit as to the sides you can enjoy with your Pollo a la Brasa today. Warm salads, sweet potato fries, sautéed corn, mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables, and rice mixes are just some sides you may see advertised alongside the perfectly roasted chicken. 

While some may like things done the traditional way, it’s important to remember that these new and improved side options for the dish work to make Pollo a la Brasa an entirely new experience every time its ordered. By going traditional one day, and opting for sweet potato fries and grilled vegetables the next, you’re able to transform the dish while still experiencing all of the best flavors of Peru. 

Where Can I Find Pollo A La Brasa? 

The best place to try Pollo a la Brasa is in Lima, Peru, the birthplace of the dish. Some top pollo spots in Peru include: 

  • La Panka – La Panka makes it to the top of Top 10 lists for Pollo a la Brasa regularly, making it a must visit if you’re looking for a taste of Peru. The wavy fries the Pollo is served with are raved about, and the skin of the chicken stands out for its rich and crispy texture. 
  • La Granja Azul – La Granja Azul is the birthplace of Pollo a la Brasa, first made right around 60 years ago. If you’re looking for a foundation on which to base your pollo experience, La Granja Azul provides just that. 
  • Don Tito – Don Tito is a local Lima favorite for the dish. The Pollo a la Brasa is tender, juicy, and crispy all at once, and likely to be recommended to you by residents of Lima when asking where the best Pollo a la Brasa is locally. 

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